March 21, 2020





A few more items I can’t live without!

External Hard Drive

SD/CF Card Holder

Simple Cleaning Kit

Neewer Rolling Backpack

Single Camera Strap

Holdfast Gear

Rechargeable Batteries




Why it’s taken me 8 years to finally put this together, I don’t know! I think for the most part I sort of associated these kinds of blog posts with “higher ups” or photographers who have a bigger following than me (which is a topic for another time) + I never truly placed myself in those groups of photographers. MAN, has my thought process changed since then!

I know that’s there is someone out there who is just starting, who is probably looking for all sorts of free online education (also another topic for another time) + I want to be a part of their photography journey if it means that they will potentially find the love + success I have through photography!


Bodies: Canon 5DSR + 5D MarkIII

Most photographers have two bodies that are the same (post processing is much easier when they’re formatted the same way) but, before I had two bodies I only had one + was looking to upgrade. I was in college so I really only (barely) had money for one. I interned at a social media management company that often had workshops with the most stellar speakers, one being Ben Christensen. This man changed my life. I only briefly had a moment to chat with him because I was technically working, but he advised me to get the 5DSR (which nobody ever knows about when I tell them about my gear, lol). This body TOTALLY changed my work + i’ll forever be grateful for his advice. My previous camera, before the upgrade, wasn’t full frame (IF YOU’RE NEW TO PHOTOGRAPHY- I HIGHLY SUGGEST BUYING A FULL FRAME BODY), so I decided to invest in another body as I was finally full time as a Traveling Wedding Photographer + this is such a necessity when shooting weddings, trust me on that one. So I decided to purchase a refurbished 5D MarkIII + she’s my next favorite body to use!

Lenses (the fun part): I’ll keep these shorter stories since that first one probably lost me half my audience, haha!

Sigma 35mm 1.4 : For some reason this was the first lens I asked for in High School for my graduation present + since then she will always + forever be my first love.

Canon 50mm 1.2 : For those just starting out or those looking to add to your collection… IF you don’t already have the 35mm I would highly suggest the 50mm 1.2 as this has been a STAPLE for me + my photography. This is tied with the usage of my 35mm.

Canon 85mm 1.8 : My newest baby! I have rented this lens before + have thought to myself “girl… this needs to be in your stash 100%” because it’s literally so perfect for 1. Ceremonies that limit your accessibility + window of the couple (A.K.A if you’re shooting from really far back) as well as 2. Receptions that do the same thing. I’ve shot in plenty of larger spaces where the couple is literally 100+ ft. from their guests sitting at the back of the room (Usually where I end up sitting,too).

Canon 100mm Macro 2.8 : Probably my least used lens, but sometimes a life savor when it came to situations previously mentioned. Although, it’s not built for taking ceremony or reception shots (or low light scenarios) I have used it for that. I used to think that I absolutely NEEDED this lens for ring shots, when the reality is… Ring shots are only a minor (but still major) detail to be shot, meaning that it’s not a part of the “bigger picture.” If you’re still lost, basically it’s only like a 5 minute (if-that) shot + then I don’t need the lens anymore. To drop that much money on a lens to only be used 5 minutes out of a wedding day… You get the point.

Flashes: 2 Yongnuo from good ole’ Amazon.

These flashes retail for less than $80.00 USD on Amazon, which after purchasing 2 previous, lightly used, Canon flashes that failed me, I thought, “okay just purchase two cheapy ones + if they break you can just buy another one for $80.00.” YA’LL, I’ve only had to buy one extra (I dropped the first one so it was my fault) since 2018! They get the job DONE.

Those are my main goodies that get used almost every time I photograph a wedding, some obviously get used more than others but all in all, 1 or all of these items are items I would recommend to anybody- whether you’re just starting out or looking to add to your collection!

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