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Editorial imagery is a powerful medium that allows us to convey ideas, tell stories, and evoke emotions. It is a form of visual storytelling that goes beyond simply capturing an image. Cacie's editorial imagery is carefully curated and thoughtfully crafted to emulate how your day felt.

Hi, I’m Cacie.

Meet Cacie, a photographer whose journey began in the sun-kissed landscapes of Australia. Being a natural born traveler, her story takes us from the outback, to the snowy lakes of Minnesota to the dry heat of Arizona and now the 4-seasoned province of Ontario, All of these specific routes and the ones in between have provided a  unique perspective on life and her surroundings which plays a profound role in shaping her photography.

Her love for luxury wasn't present until later in life when she found that combining style, the right amount of planning, and the perfect team to execute visions truly created the best environment for couples to authentically enjoy their wedding days and the journey along the way.

Although her studies at Arizona State University landed her a Bachelor's degree she immersed herself into the work she knew was born to do full time.

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