ALLY + RYAN | downtown st.petersburg, Florida Beach Session

March 10, 2020

Downtown St.Petersburg, Florida Beach Session


Okay, this session was not like my typical couples session for a few reasons.

First reason being that I obviously am not located in Tampa/St. Petersburg Florida. My parents live about 45 minutes south of those cities + as I already have the title of a “traveling wedding photographer” I figured it might be a smart idea to try to find some couples + venture out to the Tampa area + you know book or try to book a few weddings or sessions so that not only am I still adding to my resume but I’m also meeting a whole new group of people (NEW FRIENDS, YAY). I always like to think that that’s kind of the cool thing about the United States- being that you can grow up in one state + you literally drive or fly to a neighboring (or completely different) state + the cultures are totally + completely different. It’s one of my favorite things to adapt to whenever I go somewhere!

Anyways, I found Ally + Ryan through a good old fashion Instagram stalking, I got myself in a deep hole of hashtags + random location searching + I think I ended up finding Ally through one of the location searches that she had also use on a prior post. I reached out + asked if they wanted to help me build my portfolio get dressed up take some fun pictures + the best surprise out of the entire thing was that not only were they down to help me out so I finally can put #TampaWeddingPhotographer on my resumé, but they were actually genuinely SUCH a nice couple + they were so similar to me + Kev which made the whole thing so comforting. AND NOW WE HAVE NEW FRIENDS when we go back to Florida! My job is seriously the coolest.  Thank you Ally + Ryan!

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