CHRISSY + ALEX | Dupont Train Station, Toronto

July 26, 2020

I reached out to Chrissy + Alex back when I was fresh out of work due to COVID-19. Obviously during these times couples + families are hesitant to book weddings or session because of all the uncertainty that comes along with this pandemic! Well, for those who don’t know, photographers do a handful (if not 3 handfuls) of sessions “just for fun.” I love sessions like these because it really allows me to creatively diversify myself from other photographers using some concepts + ideas I’ve been wanting to pull together! A lot of the time when I plan a styled shoot: A shoot with a concept or specific vision with particularly chosen models, color schemes, items, backdrops, venues/locations, etc., it is free for anybody wanting to be involved, but those who want to be involved also don’t make a profit off of it! So this was a baby styled shoot in a sense. It’s funny, I believe I, actually, used that terminology when I reached out to Chrissy + she said, “Oh yeah, we’re so in! The only thing is we don’t have a baby,” haha! Poor choice of words on my behalf, I assured her that we didn’t need an infant for this shoot. After hanging out around Dupont Train Station for the evening, we became instant friends! THAT is the part of my “job” that I adore!

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