CORTNEY + GARETT | winter wonderland engagement session

March 7, 2020

Winter Wonderland Engagement Session

Cortney + Garett were absolute champs during their session. Although, it felt 75 + Sunny (24 Celcius for my Canadians that aren’t near a phone to convert, haha), it was a bit chilly. I mean, DUH, it’s the middle of Winter! But, for real, this session was so much fun! I drove wayyyyy up North (Thank GOD for podcasts + my fav driving playlist) hoping that the location they chose was worth the drive… OH was it worth it. I pull into what literally looks like a perfect Winter painting with the snow covered Pine trees + fresh falling, light as air snowflakes EVERYWHERE! Dead. I was Deceased for a moment. It takes a lot for me to be impressed by something + Enniskillen Conservation Area did NOT disappoint.

Both Cortney + Garett showed up ready to rock, which I knew right then + there they they were TOTALLY my kind of people + the added amount of excitement sky rocketed (Because you only get to know a little piece of your couples over Facetime meetings, so engagement sessions really show me how my couples interact in real life). I had these two running through the snow, hiking up hills (this was were I realized Big Mama,me, should have added “gym” to her new years resolution list), climbing onto logs 5ft above the ground, sitting in the show + they were so incredibly cooperative! These two definitely know what it takes to get “those shots” + I absolutely can’t wait to photograph their wedding in June!

P.S. Make sure to check out Cortney’s clothing store Hillcroft Housecoats, located in Toronto! You can follow her at Instagram here!

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