MCKAYLA + COLIN | charleston event centre, white bear minnesota

April 24, 2020


When Mckayla had reached out to me about wedding photography, I already knew it was going to be so much fun because, actually, her step-sister is my best friend. We had already “worked” together before as I also photographed one of her prom’s + her senior photos (pictures not included to in order to avoid exposing my embarrassing shooting/editing style, haha! We’ve all been there, maybe one day I’ll share).

Mckayla + Colin were quick to get the wedding up + running due to Colin’s deployment in the early Fall. LET ME JUST SAY… for such a short amount of planning time, this family PULLED THROUGH. When I first arrived to the venue I was automatically in awe of every gorgeous detail. I won’t ramble on too much about that because a picture says a thousand words, right?

The most eventful part of this day was not me making sure my flight got in on time, that arrived at the right place, that the flowers were properly arranged, that the groom + his men forgot their tie (or their whole outfit, because for some reason there’s always that ONE person, haha), no. It was the fact that we (myself, the coordinator, Mckayla, all of her bridesmaids, mothers, mother in-laws, everyone!) spent a solid 20-30 minutes watching the weather report on probably 6 different weather websites trying to see if they were getting married at their gorgeously planned outdoor ceremony or if we had to get SCOOTIN’ to bring everything to their indoor space. This all happened within 45 minutes. Well low + behold it started raining right before the ceremony was supposed to start + we all (EVERYONE) ran to grab the chairs, the decor, the stands, everything inside. I thought forsure Mckayla would have been absolutely destroyed from all of her hard work planning, but she ended up speaking such beautiful words of truth with so much confidence + collectiveness + I will never forget it. She looked at everyone + said, “I’m here to marry Colin + that’s all that matters.”

Dead. Dying. Deceased. I was like hot DAMN this girl is here for LOVE + LOVE only! All negative vibes please collect your things + escort yourself through the front or back door.

Congratulations, again to the beautiful couple + thank you for your service Mr. Borscheim!

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