March 9, 2021




Alright, Friends!

Let’s talk mini sessions! If you have been considering booking a mini session but you’re unsure if its right for you…I’m going to answer some of the most FAQ’s to help you with your decision! Keep reading if you’re looking for the right reason to book your future mini session (link available to book a Spring Mommy + Me Mini Session!

What is it?

Mini sessions are exactly what they sound like! With me, It’s a seasonally offered session that is offered at discounted rates!

What’s the difference between a mini session + a regular session?

The main difference between a mini session + a typical session is the time difference! A regular session (depending on what you hope to get out of the session + the type of session you want) can last anywhere from 60-90 minutes! A mini session is usually 25 minutes!

That seems like a very small amount of time, how many images will we receive?

25 minutes DOES sound short! BUT, we can actually accomplish a TON in that time frame! I’ve had clients use their mini session as an engagement session, proposal, just something fun to do with the family or significant other, the options are truly endless. With regular sessions, I deliver, on average, anywhere from 100-200 images (again depending on the type of session). With a mini session, you’ll receive around 50-100 but instead of keeping ALL the images, you only keep a select amount with the option to purchase more!

When do you offer mini sessions + where can I book?

Given the type of year I have, I try to offer mini’s once or twice a season. Be sure to get on my email list for first dibs on session dates + times as well as a coupon code for $$ off! To book simply follow the email instructions or click the button below to book!














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