November 14, 2019


Hello hello hello + welcome back to my NEW website!

I don’t want to beat around the bush too much, here, because… well for one I know that you guys didn’t necessarily come to listen to me babble on + two I, personally, don’t have the time to write a novel (Not an author, just a photographer haha). I think pictures (as cheesily + stereotypical as it sounds) speak a million words, if they’re done right! My hope for my new website is mostly to showcase, connect, learn, create + EDUCATE. I have spent the last year not only re-building + re-branding everything + anything that has to do with or is a part of Cacie Carroll Photography. It has been stressful, invigorating, motivational, surprising, exciting + literally every emotion in between, but I am so freaking excited for 2020 as I continue to embark on my journey of living out my dreams as a traveling (now INTERNATIONAL) wedding photographer. I have so many amazing things coming this year + I can’t wait to share with everyone, as I go!

Before I get into everything, I just want to give a major shoutout to a few people.

*For optimal sensory, imagine i’m holding a gold award for something really cool in front of a ton of people trying to hold back tears (pre-practiced tears of course)* EHEM…

  1. My parents for constantly supporting me, whether it’s moving thousands of miles away to attend school (as well as another thousand miles to follow love) + continue to grow my photography career. If it wasn’t for your “fancy” camera that you trusted me to take overseas to visit Gma + Gpa, I literally wouldn’t be exactly where I am today. I love you guys with all my heart + work towards keeping you both proud!

  2. All of my family + friends who let me run practice sessions on you, especially my best friend Abbi, who has literally done some of the stupidest sh*t to help me learn + grow as a wee young high schooler. You guys have no idea how much those dumb sessions mean to me as photography is an art + we need constant practice (much like other things) to be better than we were yesterday.

  3. Lastly, my amazing couples + seniors + anybody else who has hired me to photograph their milestone… Okay… real tears. If it wasn’t for you guys I would literally be out of a job. At a very young age I was lucky enough to be cut from the soccer team I had trained so many hours to make only to discover that I could find a “job” doing something I love with every inch of my 5’3” body. To be able to have anybody trust me as much as you guys do, to capture, move, work with, laugh with, blah blah blah… You will never understand what you mean to me. Thank you!!


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