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As a photographer, this is such an easy answer for me, which would be “Whenever you’re ready!” But for a lot of brides + grooms I know that that response isn’t helpful what-so-ever. If anything it probably creates more anxiety, haha. SO, I’m here to lay down some ground rules for you to consider to help you navigate + decide when the right time to book your engagement session is!

  1. EDITING TIMES: Ask your photographer what their turn-around time is! Turn around times are associated with how quickly the photographer can photograph, cull, edit + deliver a gallery to you! Most, I would say, are between 2-4 weeks depending on how busy they are! If you’re photographer is super busy + has a turn around time I would say book it at their soonest availability! This could be as quick as 1 month after booking up to a few months, again depending on their flexibility!

  2. DESIGN + DELIVERY TIME: Along with a photographer’s turn-around time, you also need to consider how long it might take you to edit your save-the-dates AS WELL AS how long the company you are using will take to deliver the cards to you! THEN (I know stay with me, here) you need to consider how much time it will take to deliver the cards to your guests.

  3. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Ask yourselves what PLACES means the most to you guys? Do you have a special place you like to go to every year? Is that place more decorated or less decorated at certain times of the year! This is where things get personal! The engagement session for my bride + grooms is allllll about them! I want to create special moments + often find that couples do really fun things in their spare time + those fun things make for really fun engagement session photos! If you guys like boating, maybe pick a time in the Summer! If you guys love going up to a cottage (cabin if you’re from The States) + snuggling by a fire, choose the winter time! So, if you book your photographer in July + plan to get married the following January… You probably won’t be able to have Spring engagement photos.

  4. ARE YOU READY?: This is a classic, timeless, always trending, never ending cycle question that nobody asks, but everybody mentions at least once during the months of planning an engagement session! Engagement sessions are ready WHENEVER YOU ARE. Make sure you feel as good on the inside as you do on the outside + vice versa! If you feel awkward, or you think you don’t photograph well, or you’re too fat, too skinny- STOP IT! Love who you are today because tomorrow is not promised (So cheesy, but SO TRUE). If you need to bring little shots of alcohol with you, BRING THEM. If you need a big bowl of pasta beforehand, EAT SOME PASTA! You should be SO comfortable with your photographer that they make you feel + look the best, whatever it takes! You should also be on a comfort level to wear you can tell your photographer if you feel uncomfortable! My couples are normally very chill, down for whatever, bring shots, get sweaty, do anything to get “THAT shot,” BUT almost e v e r y time I start a session someone will say, “We’re not very photogenic.” DON’T WORRY, I WILL HELP YOU. YOU’RE PHOTOGRAPHER IS YOUR PERSONAL HYPE-MAN/WOMAN!


Overall, these photos are yours to have forever. If it is not exactly how you envisioned it (or close to), you need to speak up! Make the changes! Your photographer should support your ideas. Don’t let this be like a hair-stylist-made-me-a-redhead-when-I-asked-for-jet-black situation. Send me a DM on Instagram if you ever have any questions! I love meeting new people 🙂

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